Childbirth Classes, Doula Support and Placenta Encapsulation services available in the Wilkes Barre, Lewisburg, Danville, Bloomsburg, Pottsville, Hershey, Harrisburg and surrounding areas of PA.

Prenatal Support & Postpartum Support

Having a Certified Birth Professional to hold your space with no judgment will help navigate through the unknows of pregnancy and birth. The continuous support of a doula will make you undeniably feel confident, informed and safe for the arrival of your baby. Owing to supporting birthing families in environments varying from homes to hospitals that were medicated and unmediated, VBACs and Cesareans makes my experience versatile.

I am on call for you around the clock and more than happy to answer any questions. Despite how little or silly you may feel the questions may be. I encourage such questions as “How can I tell that I am in labor?” Am I going to be able to know the difference between Braxton Hicks and contractions?” “When should I call you?” and “At what point do I go to the hospital?” Without a doubt, having a Certified Birth Professional on speed dial will help take out all the guess work as well as put your mind at ease.

As soon as, the onset of labor begins I will join you and your partner to guide you through each stage  to increase your confidence level of feeling safe at home until you decide it’s time to depart to the hospital. At this time I will be guiding your partner with the techniques of applying comfort measures and massage.  Coupled with anticipating your needs, and lending an extra pair of hands when needed. For this purpose, I will remain with you and your partner throughout your entire labor. My presence is to ensure you have evidenced based information. So that you have an informed understanding of what is happening during your birthing experience. Furthermore, you can make an informed decision regarding the birth of your baby.

I do not take the role of your partner. Rather, I am here to help your partner feel confident and equipped in knowing how to attend to your birthing needs. These skills are gained from the time we spent together during our prenatal appointments and implemented during birth. In summary, I am here to guide you through the unknows of pregnancy and birth.

Doula Support

A complimentary initial meeting to determine if we are a good match

Two prenatal visits. During our meetings we will get to know one another.  Fostering a strong connection and understanding of what you would like out of your birth experience. We will explore coping and comfort measures, birthing positions and develop a both a birth and postpartum plan. We will also speak about any worries, fears or concerns and discover ways to release them.

Resources and Referral Services. I have an extensive list of valuable resources and worksheets. I will discover and share any resources and referrals you may need.

Remember I am here to share my valuable resources in the birthing community, provide educational information on birth choices and comfort measures

Unlimited Emails, Call and Text Support From the date of hire 24/7 on-call call support starting 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date.

Continuous Support. I will support you when you need me and meet you either at home or hospital. I will stay with you through-out your labor and remain with you immediately after to help and support you in bonding and breastfeeding. I will respect any wishes you have for this bonding period. I am here to provide emotional and physical support to you and your partner may need during the stages of labor.

A postpartum visit I will visit you within the first week after birth. We will visit how you are feeling both mood and healing, how breastfeeding is going and infant care. We will go over any questions you may have.

Investment $1000 Flexible Payment Plans Are Available

Placenta Encapsulation

Some people eat it, some people make pills from it, some bury it and plant a tree over the to, while others throw it in the bin.  What many don’t know is that you can also make a homeopathic remedy out of the placenta and have it as a little constitutional back up for the rest of you and your baby’s life.

Having a homeopathic dose of placenta is like getting to the essence of it.  While substances can be useful nutritionally (i.e. placenta encapsulation), having a homeopathic dose of placenta will go deeper, treating not only the physical realm, but also the emotional, spiritual  and soul levels of a being.

You can use this as a constitutional remedy, giving a dose to your child whenever they become a bit run down and start to get sick.  When they need a bit of help to come back to wholeness and health, to come back to source- that complete place of wholeness and nutrition that is our ultimate blueprint.  Health is not just the absence of disease, it is wholeness-having all parts of us working together in harmony-not just the body, but the spirit and soul.

A dose of their own placenta can help boost the immune system, help them feel stage and protected once again and give them the strength to grow through whatever challenge or transition is occurring.

As a mother, you can take a dose of your placenta for the above reasons.  It can also be used when there is exhaustion from over caring for others.  It can help with the increase of your milk supply, contracting your uterus, and postpartum depression.

Placenta Capsules Investment $250

Add ons:

Placenta Tinture Investment $40
Placenta Prints Investment
Three prints $25 Keepsakes compliementar

Flexible Payment Plans are available Ask about The Happy Mama Place Doula Client discount

Prenatal Massage

As your baby is growing it is common for your body to move out of alignment causing backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema. Massage therapy is a great resource to help reduce these stressors. During your massage you will laying in sideline postiion with tons of pillows it will feel like heaven. The pillows will ease pressure off your lower back, pelvic area, and increase blood flow. Your massage therapist is certified in prenatal massage and is update on new research allowing for a therapeutic grade massage to work out a common issue called sciatica, causing pain in your glute area and typically penetrates down your leg to the achille tendon.

60mins $80

Induction Massage

At 37 weeks you are considered full-term.  At this point it is safe for you and baby to receive and induction massage.  Combining specialized essential oils designated to contract your uterus with acupressure applied to specific pressure points to help elevate your natural levels of oxytocin. The stimulation of acupressure points during the massage assists in supporting the natural body processes; such as, encouraging the decent of the baby, helping the cervix to dilate and facilitating uterine contractions. A prenatal massage also helps release your sacrum and pelvic area. Creating more space for your baby to move down into your pelvic area.

60mins $80

Labor Massage

Body work during labor to ease mom’s fears by providing physical comfort and preparing the body for labor. During the massage I focusing on increasing flexibility to the hips, pelvis and legs. This allows mom to labor comfortably in various positions without the restriction of joint stiffness or muscle soreness by addressing all postural changes occurring.  By applying manual lymphatic drainage on the legs to reducing swelling caused by the engaging fetus, trigger point therapy and myofascial stretching to release tension in the hips, pelvis, abdomen, muscles in the lower back, lumbodorsal fascia, hip rotators and pectoral girdle.

Pricing starts $85 on site | Mobile Location $120

Postpartum Massage

The stress from childbirth and the time you spend caring for your newborn is on hard on your body. Postpartum massage not only gives you the nurturing and emotional support you need to gain back your lost energy, but helps you return to your pre-body state. Relieving muscles pain, tension, and stress reducing the need for medication. Postpartum massage helps with toning of the belly while assisting in weight loss by aiding with complete placenta release, shrinking of the uterus, moving fluid and flushing toxins out of the body. Most importantly, supports healthy lactation. As well as, healing of cesarean scar, episiotomy soreness providing relief from anxiety, and postpartum depression.

60mins $80

Our Family Support

massage therapy

Jessica Ann

Licensed Massage Therapist
Professional Certification in Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum massage
International Infant Massage Certified Instructor
Certified  DONA Doula
Spinning Babies Certified
IPPA Certified Placenta Encapsulator
CPR Certified
Neonatal Recusitation Certified 

massage therapy


Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in crystals and energy work
Reiki Master

massage therapy


Certified Zumbini Instuctor

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