Interested in adding us as a member of your birth team?

 Basic Birth Doula Package

A complimentary initial meeting to determine if we are a good match

Two prenatal visits during these meetings we will get to know one another to foster a strong connection and understanding of what you would like out of your birth experience. We will explore coping and comfort measures, birthing positions and develop a birth and postpartum plan. We will also speak about any worries, fears or concerns and discover ways to release them.

Resources and Referral Services I have an extensive list of valuable resources and worksheets. I will discover and share any resources and referrals you may need.

Remember I am here to share my valuable resources in the birthing community, provide educational information on birth choices and comfort measures.

Unlimited Emails, Call and Text Support From the date of hire 24/7 on-call call support starting 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date.

Continuous Support I will support you when you need me and meet you either at home or hospital. I will stay with you through-out your labor and remain with you immediately after to help and support you in bonding and breastfeeding. I will respect any wishes you have for this bonding period. I am here to provide emotional and physical support to you and your partner may need during the stages of labor.

A postpartum visit I will visit you within the first week after birth. We will visit how you are feeling both mood and healing, how breastfeeding is going and infant care. We will go over any questions you may have.

Investment $800
Flexible Payment Plans Are Available