We can help you with your pregnancy, birthing & postpartum needs!

Areas we service

Allentown, Lehigh Valley, Stroudsburgs, Jim Thorpe, Hazleton, Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Clark Summit, Honesdale, Tunkhannock, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Bloomsburg, Danville, Lewisburg, Hersey, Willamsport, West Chester, Parts of NJ

The Happy Mama Place focuses on helping and supporting families-to-be with the planning of their baby’s birth from the time of conception, bringing baby into the world to adjusting into a new family life with newborn. Remember “You” the mom are in control in the way “You” desire to birth. This precious experience is one you will carry with you forever. I am here to remind you that “You” have options with hospital policies. I will stand behind your decisions and hold your space. You don’t have to feel lost in this passageway!


The Happy Mama Place provide services alleviating the aches and pains during pregnancy, paying the little extra attention necessary on pressure points to help with the progression of dilation, and providing you and your partner with the hands-on experience of comfort measures during labor.

Our relationship doesn’t have to end with the birth of your newborn. We provide support with breastfeeding. We can assist you in gaining the skills in developing a better understanding of your baby’s cues while building a strong healthy bond through our infant massage classes.

The Happy Mama Place offers homeopathic alternatives to help cope with postpartum depression, the increase of milk production, and a “pick me up” when the initial signs of being run down or sickness occurs with you and your baby through “Placenta Encapsulation/Tincture”.
Our mission is Guiding Moms On Their Journey To Empowering Birthing Experience! Ultimately, the way you birth today will affect the way you birth mentally, physically, and emotionally tomorrow!